Meet Kevin

Kevin Anderson with Family
My name is Kevin Anderson, a devoted father, husband, and tireless advocate for District 7. Since becoming Hennepin County Commissioner in 2021, my commitment to improving the lives of our residents has been unwavering. My leadership journey has been enriched by chairing the Public Works Committee, where we have made significant strides in increasing investments in our infrastructure, enhancing our roads and bridges, and connecting nearly 3,000 homes to broadband. This work reflects my dedication to ensuring that our community thrives and remains connected in today’s digital age.

Beyond these initiatives, my professional background as a Solution Architect has seamlessly transitioned into a broader role, where I now serve on the County Technology Advisory Council (CTAC) at a national level. This position allows me to leverage my two decades of IT experience, guiding the development of technological solutions that benefit counties across the country, including our own.

The values of service and dedication I hold dear are in no small part due to being the son of a veteran. This personal connection to the military community has deeply influenced my work in Hennepin County, where I have been proud to be part of our collective efforts to declare functional zero for homelessness among veterans. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to those who have served our country, ensuring they have the support and resources they need.

Through leading the Public Works Committee, serving on the CTAC, and drawing from my life experiences, I am dedicated to making Hennepin County a better place for all. My journey from a Solution Architect to a public servant has been driven by a commitment to listening, innovating, and applying my skills to solve complex problems for the benefit of our community.