Health Services

Over 40% of the county’s budget is dedicated to health services. Hennepin County has a history of addressing the needs of its people in an efficient and people-focused manner. I believe that while we are doing great work, there are still ways that we can improve delivery of these services. We have an obligation to invest in our healthcare delivery to address the needs of the people of Hennepin County wherever they live within the county.

We know that early treatment leads to better results, and with that in mind, I believe that we should be doing more to partner with schools and public institutions. I want to ensure that our schools have the resources needed to provide a healthy and safe learning environment and support our families.

We also need to make sure that we are taking care of the caseworkers and the dedicated professionals who are doing this work. If we overwork the people who take care of the most vulnerable, we are setting ourselves up for failure. By keeping our focus on care, and listening to the people who are on the front line of providing that care, we will be able to ensure that we keep Hennepin healthy!