I know we’ve all been caught in traffic… wanting to be home after a long day, or needing to pick up a sick child from school. As our community grows, we need to make sure that we are investing in the infrastructure needed to keep our community running. I believe that investments into our transportation infrastructure are one of the primary means to ensure that our community is able to thrive.

I understand the issues facing people who live in Maple Plain and Independence along Highway 12 or Loretto and Medina along 55, and trying to cross over in dangerous and busy intersections. I know the heavy traffic and increased use on 47 in Corcoran and Plymouth. and the new developments making commutes harder in Dayton and Rogers along 81.

As County Commissioner I will look for ways to ensure that we are meeting the varying needs of the people who work and live in Hennepin County. As our population grows and expands, we need to have a plan that creatively meets the increasing transportation needs of more people living further from their jobs, an aging population who are still active but may not drive, and younger people who are looking for a more environmentally friendly way of getting around. I will prioritize infrastructure projects that keep our cities connected, moving and safe!